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What You Need To Know About HostPapa Web Hosting

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Creating and running a website has never been cheaper and easier than with HostPapa Web Hosting Company. HostPapa was established in the year 2005 and has its current physical locations in Ontario, Canada and Niagara Falls, New York. This company provides individuals and businesses affordable web hosting services with unlimited bandwidths, over 200 free applications, stellar customer support, and up to 99.99% uptime.


Common features across all plans


HostPapa web hosting has three plans; Starter Plan, Business Plan, and Business Plan Pro. Although the plans differ in their monthly subscription fee and other features, HostPapa provides some uniform feature across all plans. All HostPapa clients enjoy 24/7 security monitoring of their websites through firewalls. The company's system alerts website owners when there is a website security bridge or intrusion. Additionally, on signing up with this company, all plans get $265worth of advertising/ marketing credit on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Amazon. Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal comprise some of the free apps that all HostPapa clients enjoy. Services relating to domain transfer, creation, update and central management are availed to all customers free of charge. HostPapa web hosting supports both FTP (file transfer protocol) and SFTP formats.


Starter Plan


This plan has a monthly subscription fee of $1.95. In addition to round the clock customer support, unlimited bandwidth and over 200 free apps, this plan accommodates two (2) websites and 100 email accounts. The plan gives website owners a disk capacity of 100GB. The website builder accessible to subscribers of this plan is the starter website builder. This plan is most suited for personal website owners who do not have much to host.


Business Plan


The Business Plan has a monthly subscription fee of $5.95. Unlike the starter plan, this plan accommodates unlimited websites and unlimited email accounts. This HostPapa web hosting plan has unlimited disk space. Customers get access to an unlimited edition of website builder and extra advanced security settings.


Business Plan Pro


This Plan has a monthly subscription fee of $12.95. In addition to the common features that all HostPapa clients enjoy, subscribers of this plan enjoy unlimited email accounts and disk space, as well as unlimited control panel tools. This plan accommodates unlimited websites and subscribers get access to numerous tools that help them manage their websites.


Customer service and technical support


One outstanding thing that makes a great company is its ability to provide stellar customer services to its clients. HostPapa web hosting company has a team that avails all clients web chat, telephone and email support round the clock. This company has been praised by its customer, on numerous platforms, for its fast and helpful service. Whether a client wants to confirm a billing issue, get assistance for technical issue or transfer/ change his domains, HostPapa customer service department is always ready to help.


HostPapa's Eco-Friendliness


Like many other companies that believe and invest towards saving the environment, HostPapa has gone green. This company's participation in the Green movement is achieved through its purchase of renewable energy credits instead of utilizing exhaustible resources to power its systems. The use of green renewable energy, by this company, ensures that this company's activities do not emit greenhouse gases that pollute the environment.




Web hosting is an important aspect in this era where people run personal blogs and conduct businesses online. HostPapa web hosting gives people the platform and tools to host and run their websites effectively. Competitive pricing, unlimited bandwidths, available customer support, access to over 200 free apps, access to e-commerce tools, and fully accessible control panels, comprise some of the many features that HostPapa provides its clients.


How to install WordPress on HostPapa



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Introduction: Company Overview and Web Hosting


Although WebHostingHub was registered back in 2005, it came into the limelight recently, and is, currently, under the management of InMotion Hosting, a company that has been in the web hosting industry for the last decade. The company offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space, 99.99% uptime and unlevelled customer support. Over 310 applications, including Drupal, WordPress, Concrete5, OpenCart, Magento, and PrestaShop, are available with all Hub plans; some apps are pre-installed, and the rest can be installed in one click.




Hub provides one umbrella plan to all its users, the shared plan. However, this shared plan has three plans that cost varying monthly fees and have different features. The three plans are Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo.


Common features across all plans


All plans have free domains, $1/mo backups, auto installed apps (WordPress and Shopping Cart) and a free website builder. The different plans, also, receive free advertising credit, but the credit varies from one plan to another. Additional features include easy to use control panels, 24/7 tech support, 99.99% uptime, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Hub web hosting customers can also request and get fast, hassle-free and zero-charged domain transfers.


Spark Plan


This is a $4.99/mo subscription plan. The Spark Plan can only host a maximum of two (2) websites, ten (10) MySQL databases, five (5) parked domain, and twenty-five (25) sub domains. This account gets $50 worth of free advertising credit. Unfortunately, this plan does not have a web design discount, nor does it have a choice of data center feature.


Nitro and Dynamo Plans


Nitro and Dynamo Plans cost a monthly subscription fee of $6.99 and $8.99, respectively. These two plans have similar features, except for a few. In addition to the free domain feature they share with the Spark Plan, they host unlimited websites, unlimited parked domains and sub-domains, as well as unlimited MySQL databases. Like the Nitro Plan, Dynamo and Nitro plans have pre-installed WordPress, shopping carts, and a data center. The only differences they have from the Spark Plan are that Nitro gets $150 worth of free advertising credits whereas Dynamo gets $200. The web design discount for the Nitro Plan is 20% and 30% for the Dynamo Plan.


Customer Support


WebHostingHub has received various awards in the web hosting industry for its outstanding technical and customer support. Potential and existing customers can access web hosting assistance by contacting the personnel of this company via phone (1-877-595-4482), via chats and through emails. Hub's staffs is knowledgeable about the services and products this company offers, and instead of stalling customers, they give clients the assistance they need instantly.


Money Back Guarantee


Most people hesitate to purchase some goods or services for fear of getting a raw deal, and losing their money. Hub web hosting providers understand this notion and give their customers a 90 days hassle-free money back guarantee. As a result of the money back guarantee, customers feel safe to subscribe to WebHostingHub's packages because they believe in its value for money or a refund should the company fail to deliver.




Hub web hosting enables individual and business website owners set-up and manage their website content. Proof of customer satisfaction can be found on Web Hosting Geeks, WP Beginner, NCM Online and other review sites. Customers have published their experience with Hub web hosting. Customers cited specific areas that benefited them most including the Hub's excellent features, user-friendliness, value for money, customer support, reliability, and uptime.

How to install WordPress on Hub Web Hosting

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